Location scouting and more

We provide everything needed for photo shoots, commercials and film/TV crews coming to Iceland for shooting. We can help you with everything from preparation to the wrap.

Location scouting/location hunting is an important part of filmmaking and commercial photography. At g-events, we provide location scouting services in Iceland for TV and film crews, film production companies and agencies for projects that include photo shoots and commercials.

Our location services include the following:

Filming locations:
Location scouting: It is important to have a trustworthy partner when you´re looking for the perfect location for your shoot, particularly when you're shooting overseas. Let us know what you´re thinking and we´ll find the right spot for you.

List of spectacular and interesting locations:
We´ve got a long list of locations that may fit your needs. The Icelandic landscape is unique in the world. It´s rough, steaming hot and cold as ice, all at the same time. If you´re looking for a memorable backdrop foryour shoot, we´re there for you.

Obtaining permission for shooting where needed
At some locations a permission for shooting is needed. Let us take care of the bureaucracy involved.

We can provide cameramen, transportation, hotel accommodation, restaurants, drivers, assistants, chefs,actors, makeup artists, hairdressers or whatever staff you need, and much more. Whatever you need, we can provide it.

Booking of accommodation and restaurants. All licences and insurances are in place.
Booking of international, charter and domestic flights. All licences and insurances are in place.Booking of whatever transport you need, cars, helicopters, ferries etc. All licences and insurances are in place.