Gala’s, Award Ceremonies & Parties

Let us assist you with impressing your colleagues or clients. It’s a proven fact that a guest who feels appreciated is worth their weight in gold to you. A successful gala dinner, award ceremony or party is an investment that you recoup many times over through happier clients or employees. Our event planners will send your guests home with a smile on their face.

When planning an event abroad, it is very important to work with an event planner who will make your gala dinner, award ceremony or party a night that will be remembered for years to come.

Numerous factors must be taken into account when organizing an event in Iceland, so that you will benefit greatly from the assistance of a local event planner. And the event itself is not the only thing we can help you with. Transportation, hotel accommodation, finding and booking restaurants, planning activities and team building, excursions and logistics are only a few of the other factors that we can assist you with. Our specialties include all aspects of destination management.

Northern lights theme gala dinner, award ceremony and party at event at Reykjavik Art Gallery planned by g-events dmc | pco.